Customer Support

What are we looking for?

We are looking to hire for our customer support team in Bangalore. This team at Zerodha helps customers with queries relating to all the products and services we offer. Zerodha has grown immensely over the past five years, as has the business complexity. Your role will also involve analysing all aspects of Zerodha, spotting inefficiencies and helping us fix them.

What will you be doing?

  1. Identify issues and provide customers with timely resolution.
  2. Identify any inefficiencies and streamline support team processes. 
  3. Constantly educate yourself on all the products and services Zerodha offers.
  4. Track markets by reviewing regulatory circulars and financial news.
  5. The role involves helping clients with queries that can get repetitive and monotonous.
  6. Be a part of conversations, discussions and developments on internal forums.

What are we looking for in candidates?

  1. You understand the financial services industry and Zerodha products.
  2. You are an excellent communicator (written and verbal).
  3. You are a problem solver who can work in an environment with minimal direction.
  4. Preferably have trading experience and understand the complexities of trading.
  5. You are eager to learn and enjoy additional responsibilities.

My salary?

Publicly displaying numbers is ungentlemanly. The pay will be way better than the industry standards, along with ESOPs. 

How to apply?

Step 1 - Apply and clear the Varsity Certification. You will need the score from this certification to complete the job application. 

Step 2 - Prepare answers to the following questions and include these in the Cover Letter section while applying:

  1. Given an opportunity to improve a feature/product offering at Zerodha. Where would you start and why?
  2. Please give us a short description of your past work experience and any important project you worked on. 
  3. Share an example where you have identified and fixed any process inefficiencies.

Note - Please share references while applying from the current company (current manager plus current HR contact). And if you are a fresher, please share the contact details of a professor/lecturer we can speak with. Without references, your application will not be selected for interviews. 

Zerodha accepts applications for open roles only through this Careers page. And all official communication with the HR team at Zerodha will be through [email protected]