Business Analyst

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for a Business Analyst to join us in Bangalore. We’ve grown immensely over the past 5 years and so has the business complexity. Your role will involve analyzing all aspects of Zerodha, spotting inefficiencies and helping us fix them so that we can continue delivering the best to all our customers.

What will you be doing?

You’ll be working directly with Nithin Kamath (Founder and CEO) and the core team to drive product and process initiatives. In this role, you’ll quite literally have a front-row seat to see how India saves and invests.

What will a typical day at work look like?

Look for problems, fix them, and measure them. You’ll be analyzing operational data to help improve various processes across sales, support, and operations. This role is for you if you enjoy playing around with data and teasing out insights.  

What are we looking for?

  1. We’re looking for someone with active trading experience. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you if you never made money.
  2. Along with some trading experience and understanding of the markets, we want someone with really good written and oral communication skills.
  3. Understanding of databases and data analysis (SQL)
  4. 6-12 months of hands-on experience working with data 

My salary?

Publicly displaying numbers is ungentlemanly. The pay will be way better than the industry standards along with ESOPs.

How to apply?

Prepare answers to the following questions and include these in the Cover Letter section while applying using the Apply Now button below before Jan 31st:

  1. Given an opportunity to improve a feature/product offering at Zerodha. Where would you start and why?
  2. Give us a short description of your experience with capital markets. And some of your learnings.
  3. Share an example where you have used analytical abilities and solved a problem?