1. Develop, implement, and monitor information and cyber security and risk management programs.
  2. Ensure compliance with Information security standards and regulatory guidelines (SEBI, NIST, CERTIN etc.).
  3. Communicate and liaise with internal, external, and regulatory audit and compliance teams and agencies.
  4. Ensure up-to-date documentation and audit logs of policies and controls.
  5. Work towards implementing and acquiring certifications such as ISO 27001.
  6. Good understanding of technical, engineering and cybersecurity practices in the context of policies.

What will a typical day on the job entail?

  1. Respond to audit queries (if any) and provide relevant write ups and evidence.
  2. Supervise pre-scheduled audit processes progress.
  3. Work on compliance projects, set up new processes to address any potential gaps in compliance requirements.
  4. Work with the tech team monitoring new projects and releases and ensure their compliance with documented policies.

Who is an ideal candidate for this role

  1. You like to write documentation.
  2. You understand IT and software security.
  3. You understand the possibilities and limitations of software development.
  4. You are eager to learn and adapt to changing compliance requirements.

Bonus points

  1. You are familiar with ISO 27001
  2. You are familiar with AWS Security, Identity, & Compliance services

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